Friday, June 19, 2015

The real meaning of DATING ..


The word DATE is common among us all. Did you realized that almost 99% of human being can't live without dating someone. Honestly, I never know what's their intention of dating. It could be good, or might also be bad.

Maybe it's because they feel lonely. Or maybe because they are really in love with that someone. Or maybe just to test how 'hot' they are?Or more evil, they are seeking for revenge for that 'someone's' kin. Gosh! *this is too dramatic!!
 How about you guys?

Me? This is my own definition of DATE with someone. 

How's that? It's all about commitment. I believe most of us have this thought in their head. It's just the matter of time and situation that holds you from having one.

Especially when your age is 23 and above. Am I right? =)

So far, I'm still searching one who's having the same intention. May Allah ease.