Monday, December 19, 2011

Magic..Adventure !!

Hai and Assalamualaikum :)
this time i'm goin to write about the best, famous and HOTtest TV series today....can you guess??look at the title..he2..yup! MERLIN !!
                                          this is Merlin's cover

i know there're many TV series by those 'mat saleh' say a few, SMALLVILLE, THE MENTALIST, CSI, SUPERNATURAL bla..bla..bla... but this one(MERLIN) really grabs my attention...i tell you what...this is the only TV series that i watch since the 1st series being aired on tv till the latest season(4)...

actually it is a legend story from one of Disney fairytale stories...well, i've watch merlin before when i was a kid..but it was a cartoon, it has become more interesting to watch because they include episodes with different themes and lots of adventures...if you want to know more,,better watch it(err,only for those who never no what Merlin is...hehe : p)...

what's so special about Merlin?? haaaa...i really really really likeee Merlin...not because of the magic..not because of the handsome Prince Arthur(sometimes only,,eh,,hehehe) and not also because of the pretty dresses worn by Princess Morgana...i love Merlin series because of the value shown by the characters...

1st---FRIENDSHIP between Merlin and Prince Arthur...we know Arthur is a prince and Merlin is his servant..but they build a very wonderful bond between each other...their friendship are exactly like brothers and so loyal...

2nd---because of the LOVE between Arthur and Gwen...they are from very very different background...Gwen is also a servant exactly like Merlin but Arthur falls for her because of her know what does that means??? LOVE IS BLIND..absolutely ! hehe

3rd---because of the BRAVENESS of a man...shown by Arthur and of course his bestfriend forever, Merlin...they always work together and fight their enemies who always eye on chances to destroy the Kingdom of Camelot.....

so, how was it?? sounds interesting eyy..? what are you guys waiting for...lets watch Merlin!! hehe...happy watching..bye..
Assalamualaikum : )

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy 48th Birthday!!

Assalamualaikum...hello everyone!!
i want to share about my beloved ones's my mum's birthday but actually not today...her birthday was 2 days ago(6th Dec 2011)..hihi :)

here, i put a picture of her..
tadaa!! doesn't looks like 48 right? some people i met thought she was 30 + + ....hehehe :D

well, we didn't do any special things or surprises that day but i made something for her....specially from me...want to know?? this is it-----
Tadaa!!!Chocolate Chip Muffin specially baked by me on her birthday....hehe
yeah, i know it looks just simple but trust me, it taste know why? coz i made it with full of love..hihi(praising myself) :P

well, that's not all....WE, i mean my brothers and myself also gave her a lovely sweet pink birthday is a must for us to buy her a card on her birthday every year...we feel dull if there's no card for her...actually that shows our appreciation towards her...ermm,you know...we're a bit shy to say "I LOVE YOU" directly or maybe face to face..thi hi hi :D, that's why we gave her a card and there's plenty of i love you written in it..aaaaa,,actually not too many....hihi :D so,this is the card-------------
sweet eyyyy....hihi

hrmmm, it was a happy day for mum but not so happy coz her eldest son(my big bro) was not with us...he was in UIA Gombak for his study..but he already promised to come this Friday..aa yeehuu!!! he2,lil bit of excited there..thi hi hi :D  so, daddy decided to celebrate again with all the members together..and the most best thing is we're heading to Penang this Saturday together with my big bro...aa yehuuu!!! can't wait till this Saturday :D  hehe

Maybe that's all for now...daaaa!!   Assalamualaikum :) 
.: pEaCE :.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

~ errr, ouh! so embarrassing ~

Salam...hey guys! we meet again....there's something i'd like to share here :)
based on the title above, i'd love to ask..have you ever cried in front of the public?? I mean like in front of your classmates, or assembly hall or whatever? especially as a teen...well, don't be surprised if i say that i'm one of them..hu2..yep! it's true...actually, that incident happened just a few months ago.. i think maybe last month(October) happened during the English Studies lecture...the lecturer is Mdm. Zura...i really love the way she taught us in class..and i also love how she cares about her students..she's very sporting and LOVE TO MAKE SURPRISES...
that day, we finished on our presentation task which she had given to us the previous week..the last group presented their work on the theme of family...then, they even played a video on one of the very touching commercial about how a son treated his father really touched my heart..i felt like crying BUT i didn't ok..he2...crying in front of those people??NO WAY! (even though all the desk are facing the board..hehe)...well guys, that's not what i want to stress out here...*the blurbs above is just the intro,not yet the main point...he2

after watching more videos of the same theme from the other members, we stopped... RECESS!! NO! not yet...mdm asked for any volunteer to come and do a "favor" for her...well, we could smell something fishy,, one of my classmates stood up and sat beside her...mdm took out her cellphone and she dialed his mother....SURPRISE!! she asked my friend to say "I Love You Mum" in front of the other classmates...he was kind of shy at frist but he did it..yeay!! errr,what did i cheered for??ignore it....:P

NEXT,Mdm looked around if there is anyone who want to do the same thing like my friend did before...i tried to hide but, Oh No! she got me..."adnin..would you like to come here?"...errr, i don't know if i should say yes or no...i was puzzled..but i stood up and sat beside her,facing the other members in the class..."who do you prefer? mum or dad?"she asked...i answered mum but mdm wanted to dial my father....fine then, 019xxxxxxx she got connected, the phone changed hand to me..."i want u to say 'I LOVE U DADDY' ...yeah, i did it but,,but,,, this was how it happened-----

*MALAY : "ayah..anin nie..emm,mdm suruh anin cakap anin sobss2..anin sayangg ayah..sobs2..."(no,no..! i cried suddenly...LOOK! i don't want to cry but, i ACCIDENTALLY cried okey..)---CONTINUE--- daddy : "la,awat ni? ayah taw eh anin sayang ayah...tak habaq pn ayah taw" : "em,anin sayang ayah...sobs2" i gave back the phone to mdm..she explained everything to my beloved daddy...ohh God,,trust me..i was not going to cry happened in a sudden...well, i was controlling my tears before that..since i watched the video play..yeah! i managed but,,,but,,errr, when i heard my dad's voice i can't control my tears dropped so was even embarrassing when mdm said "la,teriak! dok dekat pn teriak...alaa bucuk-bucuk" huwaaa! i felt like a baby crying for ice-cream..huhu....but it's leaves me a wonderful memory to keep in...he2......

ok, till then...i'll share some more next time,bubye! *searching for my blanket----having some sleep..night :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Serba Serbi Tentang Aku

Salam semua...sebelum aku mula merepek pasal benda2 lain,meh aku nak habaq cket serba serbi pasal diri aku(serba CKET la konon)...nah,silakan la tenung2 dan baca tulisan kat bawah nie oke..hehe :)

1) aku ni kalau bercakap memang la bunyi loghat kedah tapi aku bukan la orang kedah..aku ni 'made in Perak'...1 family semua mai dari perak naa...tapi aku bole ja nak cakap loghat blah selatan nuu...syok gak..hehe...aku ada 3 bradik & aku yg kedua,satu2nya pompuan.. :)

2) aku sangaaatt suka menari..hah!xpercya?sukati la...serius,aku suka gila...tapi bukan la hiphop ka breakdance ka jenis2 tu...hish!ampa nih...semestinya tarian Melayu la yang diutamakan..cewahhh!tapi tarian moden pn aku suka jgak...tgok la yang mana step2 nmpak mnarik,aku try la..TAPI!xdak hiphop & breakdance oke..tidak sama skali....hehe

3) aku ni jenis org yg cepat marah dan jgak cepat cool...xcaya??try buat aku naik hangin skali tgok...conpom hilang gigi ampa...haha..dak eh,btoi la tu...aku kalau xsuka,aku habaq truih ja..marah la2 tu jgak..tapi sat ja aku oke balik..kalau mrajok tu ada la dalam 5 minit ja...haha

4) aku cukup pantang dgn org yg beraatt gila mulut dia nk ucap 'tima kasih'...awat??gigi ampa bleh tukaq jdi emas ka kalau xucap tima ksh??...payah sgt..geram aku! hu2

5) aku suka sgt main keyboard...nak kata teror, oh!tidak2..ermm,kira biasa ja la..jdi la lagu bila main tu...alaa,bukan payah sgt pown..agak2 tekan tang note tinggi rendah tu jadi la...tapi tu cara aku la..kalau ampa aku nk pesan cket *don't try this at home....haha

6) haa, bab ni aku taw ampa suka,plus2 remaja...aku mmg la xsuka kaple...phm x??diulang XSUKA KAPLE...tu diaa,besaq tu tulisan xphm jgk xtaw la nak kta apa..hehe...bukan apa,aku bukan xsuka ada org 'istimewa'...suka,lumrah kan..tapi aku percaya dgn jodoh ketentuan Allah....ampa suma pn sama la...berdoa mudah2an Allah berikan kita jodoh yg beriman dan terbaik buat kita..InsyaAllah, amin :)

7) aku tak tahan pedas oke...kalau pi kdai terpesan mknan yg pedas Melampau,hah! siap la tadah 'aloe vera' yg meleleh-leleh tu...haha....

8) aku pantang dgan aiskrim, coklat dan durian...yup! aku ckup pantang dgn 3 benda ni sgt2...PANTANG NAMPAK mesti nak....hahah...rugi la ampa sekalian yg xminat 3 bnda nie...awt?takot gemok la tu...bior le..jnji sedap..slurrpp!nyum2!! :P

9) errmmm....HAH! hbih dah merepek..takat tu ja la serba CKET konon psal aku...(rasa cm serba banyak ja)hehe...len kali plak aku merapu lagi....wassalam

Greetings Everyone

Assalamualaikum & hello there! this is the first time i'm writing in this blog...i've thought about creating a blog long time ago but i have no time and too busy with my assignments and, now i've created one and i would like to share some of my happy and errmm unhappy moments with all of you...ok then, i'm going to stop here...going to be updating more soon..bye2 :)
owhh! i forgot something..F.Y.I, if you see that my posts is written in English means that i'm improving my language...but if it is in Malay means that i'm interested to share...and if it is written in KL slang means that i'm seriuosly boooredd..haha..okey,bye.bye ^^,