Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Best Male Actor Goes To ...............?

Hello! Assalamualaikum..

Lets talk about the UK's National Television Award (NTA) 2013.
- - - Best Male Actor - - - 
Hmmmmm.. Well, which actor popped up into your mind? 

The award was held on a month ago, 23rd January 2013. The winner is........................... 

*give him a round of applause*. You don't believe it? It was a surprised but his winning is a worthy choice. He deserve that award. WHY? Ouh, ummm, you guys have got to watch MERLIN first and you'll definitely get the answers. Trust me! =D  BBC's Merlin have worked its magic by the performance of the show's leading cast, Colin Morgan. This Northern Ireland-born actor beat his two other close competitor, Matt Smith (Doctor Who) and Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes).

Congratulations Colin Morgan! The lady in red was the presenter of his award's category.

British fans named him as Best Male Drama Performance for his title role in Merlin. This award was voted by fans. Pssttt~ ~Guess what? I voted for him too in twitter.. hehehe. Colin said he had a "fantastic time" making Merlin. 

Appreciation from the Knights Of Camelot on Twitter XD- - -

Here are the full lists of all the winners on NTA 2013 :

Drama – Downton Abbey

Drama performance male – Colin Morgan, Merlin

Drama performance female – Miranda Hart, Call The Midwife

Landmark Award – London 2012

Factual entertainment – Paul O’Grady, For The Love Of Dogs

Situation comedy – Mrs Brown’s Boys

Talent show – Strictly Come Dancing

Comedy panel show – QI

Entertainment presenter – Ant & Dec

Entertainment programme – I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

Special Recognition – Joanna Lumley

Serial drama performance – Alan Halsall, Coronation Street

Documentary series – Frozen Planet

Daytime programme – This Morning

Newcomer – David Witts, EastEnders

 Till today, still smiling. Now *smiling* (i'm a freak!!)
That would be all. Wishing him to play more roles in future and get more rewards!
Thank you for reading. More posts coming up soon!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Merlin and Behind The Scenes

Assalamualaikum.. Hello readers! 

As I promised in the previous entry to write more about MERLIN, so, here we are again. Sorry for those who have long waited. Just that I was a bit busy with tons of assignments and classes to attend. Quite hectic I tell you.

But need not to worry, I'll try my best to keep my promises to all my readers and silent readers out there. hehe.. Here, I uploaded more pictures and videos of behind the scenes. You want more? Well you have to wait for the next entry then. *wink2!

Have a wonderful time with all the casts. Enjoy!

1) Merlin at Pierrefonds, France 14/6/2010

2) Merlin at Pierrefonds, France 15/6/2010

3) Merlin at Pierrefonds, France 16/6/2010
 Videos credit to Chaiyiana.

----What are these two lead actors doing after their shots??

They are such a pair of weirdo. Maybe trying to release the tense from memorizing their lines and roles. This video is funny XD

MORE PHOTOS on set -------

they're filming season 5

The gangly boy. hahaha

 Colin's doing some homework.

 1,2 and action!

 it's riding time! Colin still wearing his jacket.

 ouh! look. It's Merlin's doppelganger. That's Colin's stuntman. 
He's the one who did most of the riding shots. After knowing about this, everytime i rewatched the
riding scenes, Merlin's doppelganger pop into my mind. Arghhhh!

 having some makeups. (filming season 5)

 Guess in which season was this? Yup! season 1. Merlin was pelted with fruits.

Done with their shots. It's Merlin with Princess Mithian i guess.

 Merlin saved Arthur at the Lake of Avalon

transformation of Merlin to become Emrys

Later, i will posts more on their bloopers. Stay tune Merlinians..! :D

Horses and Ladies......

Hello there my lovely readers! and Assalamualaikum to every muslims =)

Here, I would like to share some beautiful moments I spent with my roommate and her friends. We spent some time at the Equestrian Club In Batu Pahat, Perlis, Malaysia. They've got beautiful horses there but I forgot to ask if we could ride them. I'm sure its pretty hard to ride a horse but I can say it'll be interesting. Next time, I'll try riding the horses IF I'm allowed to do so. (I'm sure I'll be imagining like i'm filming in Merlin series..bhahahaha!) *stop now adnin! it's not merlin time now =,=

This time, i'm not gonna write much. I'd just want to share our photos taken there. Well, some kind of photoshoot but it's not like the one you've watch where real supermodels pose for. Well, just trying to have some fun. Enjoy!  

 Izatti (Iza) and Zafirah (Zaf)

 She's my one and only lovely roommate <3
 Done with all the pose. Heading back to our hostel.

Thank you for visiting here my lovely and gorgeous readers. We'll meet again in the next entry =)