Saturday, April 26, 2014

Alhamdulillah, we did it!

Assalamualaikum. Greetings everyone..

       Finally, we ended our 1st phase of practicum successfully, happily with full of wonderful memories. Alhamdulillah.. As people said, "the further our journey of life, the more people we meet, the more experience we create". Indeed!

       To be honest, I felt very sad while counting days to end this practicum. I feel like I don't wanna stop going to this school (SK Bintong, Perlis). The teachers here are so cool. Sporting and friendly. The kids are really naughty(to be specific, my students) yet, they are adorable actually. We can never expect too high on kids because they are kids of course. haha. Their mentality are still growing and not yet mature. We as adults, should find ways to attract them in studies and also try searching for interesting ways to inculcate moral values. 

       Today, I already miss those kids and not to forget the teachers as well. Maybe people out there thinks it cliche, because at first everyone doesn't want to be in school-teaching-curriculum activities-lesson plans. But throughout the end of the week, everyone doesn't want to leave the school! bahhh! That's the reality. It's not cliche. But it's experience. Everyone have nerves. First time entering a new place, meeting new people, having commitment with them around you. That is something that you can't imagine and it really shakes your nerves. Especially to people with social network problems. For example, MYSELF. Yes, it's true. I'm actually a shy type of person.*oh, please don't laugh*. But i'll turn out to be someone that you can never imagine when we get closer. Not horrible for sure. haha
the beautiful practical teachers.. haha

       4 weeks of practicum is enough to make me fall in love with teaching profession. There are times I stressed out, get sick, burst into tears, lost temper, but all these things are too precious for me. Deifnitely, i'll keep it in my "memory box". Friends. I mean, practicum mates. I'm very glad to have such wonderful partner and practicum mates during this 1st practicum. Going to school together. Having breakfast and lunch together. Late for school together! haha. Selfie together. Celebrating the end of practicum together. Sharing teaching aids. Gossiping in the staffroom together(while free time okayy). Shopping together after school. Sharing ideas for lesson plans. Everything we did together. Ouh! I feel grateful to be one of their friends. People say: "we should always extend our circle of friends and appreciate them in our life". Yes, I really appreciate them for being such an awesome practicum mates for this first practicum. How I wish we could be together again for the next practicum. 

luncheon with le gals~
marking worksheets

co-curriculum activities

practicum mates

       Teachers of SK Bintong. The GB (headmaster) is a very soft spoken person. He's very kind and polite and "sempoi". During the first day we entered the school, we met him for collaboration and he told us many things about the school and are willing to share more if we meet him next time. The GPK's, Puan Hadijah, Puan Roziah and En Murizman are very friendly and funny. She gave us the timetables, group us in our own Club and Society, and Sports activities and helps us giving information about things that we want to know.  My lovely mentor for 1 month, Teacher Rosma is also a good teacher. Everytime I need her help to ask about the lessons and activities, she's always there to give me ideas and comments. She even reminds me to be a bit strict with my students (4 Arif) because they are quite 'nasty'. haha. 
my students - 4 Arif- the buasss kids!
        En Murizman, the GPK of students affairs is also a sweet person. He often walks around the class and asks us whether there is any problem that he would like to give a hand. That's so nice of him. But, behind that sweet face, you'll never believe the whole students of SK Bintong are afraid of him. haha. Finally, the adorable En Che Mohseen, the music teacher who always runs up and down the stairs, to the computer lab, to the seminar room and back to the staffroom to help us with the LCD, unlock the computer lab for us to enter, and took photos of us for the school blog. I can assume his age about middle 40's but he's quite agile and also a kind, soft spoken person. Big thanks to him. Not to forget, the beautiful Cikgu Nurul, the mathematics teacher whose very good in baking. I'll surely miss her cheese cakes, indulgence, red velvet, and chocolate moist cakes. Thumbs up!! Thanks to her too for borrowing us the English Textbook instead of us buying 1. I really miss them all! The kids, the teachers, my practicum mates and two of my sweet seniors there. They are very very kind people. 

with le seniors and ustazah Su yang sempoii

this sweet teacher is my friend's mom. Mak hang Ajrul. haha.

       I'm looking forward to meet them again this 16th May 2014 on Teacher's Day with God wills. I felt a bit frustrated because we didn't have enough time to plan on something to give as a "Thank You" to the whole community of SK Bintong.  Hope everything runs smoothly with the help of my beloved practicum mates. Maybe it will be a surprise! hehe. InsyaAllah.  

*still waiting for the school blog to be updated. Wanna see our pictures. hehe

See you soon! Thanks for reading =)    

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Honestly, I'm not nervous because of the lecturer at the back. (bukan cakap besar, tapi hakikat la). I'm nervous with the unexpected behaviour of MY STUDENTS.. again , MY STUDENTS BEHAVIOUR that I worried too much.

They are unexpected. Well, it's the last class people. You can imagine how 'havoc' it is with 15 heroes and 7 girls. (even the girls have no difference with the boys, blurghhhh!!). And it's Year 4 kids. There are times they behave(but not soo behaving la), there are times they are shouting and running around the class(while the lesson is ON), there are times they fight each other, cursing and talking soo loud as if their friends are deaf.

Today - 16th April 2014.....

My supervisor came to observe my teaching and my students are behaving the worst. That's very bad for me. I feel demotivated. I feel like I've failed being a teacher. I feel like i'm the worst among every one. 

In my class - When I asked, replies that i get is "krik,krik"(no replies). My goodness! Until I use Bahasa Melayu, then they respond. But most of them today are not listening to me. I wonder because I'm using English most of the time and they were blinking, talking among themselves,laughing with their friends that I think nothing is funny, fighting and even CURSING!! Gosh!! and the girls. Oh, they were really testing my temper. Too busy giggling among them and when I came and ask questions they were like "haaa, emmm."(geleng kepala).. "errrr." (If you guys were at my place, what do you feel?? they are testing you...)

Suddenly, in the middle of the lesson, a girl cried and cursing his friend "babi". So, I went to her and said, "You cannot say that to your friend. It's not good, Tak boleh cakap macam tu, tak baik." She replied, "biaq pi la, perangai dia tu dah la macam babi!!". Allahuakbar. I'm clueless. I don't know what should I do. Scold them? Yes, but I think I should 'mengamuk' just now. My partner even said that I was too soft spoken just now. They are rude, so I should be more strict. 

Yes, I feel really really really really really totally truly BAD today. Being compared to my partner, she was very very good. Good activities, good participation from the pupils, good classroom control, good studetns. Her students even behave well then before (that's what she said). She was surprised too. What can I say, I'm so dissapointed with my students and i'm so dissapointed with myself. 

But I'm touched when Madam Ranjini is a very understanding person. She's my supervisor a.k.a my mother for this 1st practicum(that's what she said). She is very nice, her comments are very motivating, she gave wonderful advices and even appreciate my effort of teaching even the students are ignoring me like i'm talking to the wall. I truly like Madam Ranjini as my supervisor. I'm hoping to be her 'daughter' again for the next practicum. 

What's past is past. I should take this as a challenge. Maybe i'm not lucky that I got the worst class for my 1st practicum. Or maybe this is actually an advantage for me to be a 'tougher' teacher in future time. I've faced the reality, it's not easy to TEACH, and to HANDLE problematic students.

I'll try to be positive, and improve my errors. InsyaAllah. 

There you go,, the comments .....
( I don't mind sharing these comments even I know it's bad. InsyaAllah, one day I'll share my best comments. InsyaAllah)

Wishing all the best to all my practicum mates and all my friends and senior for their practicum =)



Monday, April 14, 2014

Pesanan Supervisor Practicum Phase I ....

Assalamualaikum. Haii.

Ini ada sedikit pesanan rare dari supervisor saya (pensyarah pembimbing) sebelum kami semua mula berpraktikum: -  

Pensyarah pembimbing pesan: 
“Be careful with men teachers at school during practicum ok ladies. You guys are pretty2 so don’t be surprised if there are those itchy type of married men (teachers) showing their interest towards you aaa..”. Madam Ranjini. 

Tapi tapi. Tapi… bukan itchy teachers show interest kat saya, akan tetapi saya pulak yang interested dengan teacher ni. Aihh!! Camno plak nih?? Nasib teacher tu dah married. Hehuhehuhehuuu.  (ketawa kekecewaan. Hah, try sendiri buat)

*teacher tu ke saya yg itchy ni?* uhuk3~ Terbalik dah dengan pesanan Madam niee. Aikk,aikk! ok. Forget it. Forget it! Fuhhh fuhh

Ok, selamat menghabiskan sisa-sisa praktikum yang berbaki lagi 2 minggu je lagi. All the best sahabat2! 

P/s: don't be ithchy2 aaa. if you feel itchy, asks your cat to scratch you. hak3

Assalamualaikum. Bye2

Monday, April 7, 2014

I Feel Like I Want To Quit .... !

This is the 2nd week of practicum which has started on the 31st April 2014. I don't know how my friends are doing so far. Maybe good, maybe the same as I am. Just a little bit to share of my experience. 

          I'm demotivated. Feels like I wanna quit being a teacher. Is that too much?? How can I teach if every every single words needs translation?? When will I achieve my learning objectives then?? "Class, I want you to come to the front and make a big circle." Even this too simple instruction they can't understand a single word. That's too bad. I even asked personally to this one person. "Do you understand me?" (abt 3 times repeating). and no respond until I said "kamu faham tak?", then the kid shook his head. It's a Year 4 class, not Year 1. One more, i was thinking that, kids love games. Because during lecture in IPG, we were advised to create fun learning activities.

          So I create a game for each lesson regarding the topic. What happen is, they fight each other because the group/individu who got the lowest mark was not satisfied with the others who got the highest. They always look for faults when they loose. Can you imagine that?? So, if giving worksheets can't help as they told me they prefer games. Then, games also can't help because they cannot accept their loose. Then what should I do?? Give them a flying kick??! *that's impossible*. Any advice for me to teach them? Subhanallah, sabar Adnin, sabar. Yeah, maybe the blame should put on me. Maybe i'm not yet used with this situation. Maybe. or maybe because i'm impatient. or maybe the problems are really from the kids. I am trying my very best to make them interested to LEARN. but they are not showing interest in learning.

Allah, sabar Adnin. I really need my daddy now. He used to motivate me when i'm down and frustrated.

          I need motivations. I need support. I need someone to talk with. I really need.