Sunday, February 17, 2013

Horses and Ladies......

Hello there my lovely readers! and Assalamualaikum to every muslims =)

Here, I would like to share some beautiful moments I spent with my roommate and her friends. We spent some time at the Equestrian Club In Batu Pahat, Perlis, Malaysia. They've got beautiful horses there but I forgot to ask if we could ride them. I'm sure its pretty hard to ride a horse but I can say it'll be interesting. Next time, I'll try riding the horses IF I'm allowed to do so. (I'm sure I'll be imagining like i'm filming in Merlin series..bhahahaha!) *stop now adnin! it's not merlin time now =,=

This time, i'm not gonna write much. I'd just want to share our photos taken there. Well, some kind of photoshoot but it's not like the one you've watch where real supermodels pose for. Well, just trying to have some fun. Enjoy!  

 Izatti (Iza) and Zafirah (Zaf)

 She's my one and only lovely roommate <3
 Done with all the pose. Heading back to our hostel.

Thank you for visiting here my lovely and gorgeous readers. We'll meet again in the next entry =)