Wednesday, November 16, 2011

~ errr, ouh! so embarrassing ~

Salam...hey guys! we meet again....there's something i'd like to share here :)
based on the title above, i'd love to ask..have you ever cried in front of the public?? I mean like in front of your classmates, or assembly hall or whatever? especially as a teen...well, don't be surprised if i say that i'm one of them..hu2..yep! it's true...actually, that incident happened just a few months ago.. i think maybe last month(October) happened during the English Studies lecture...the lecturer is Mdm. Zura...i really love the way she taught us in class..and i also love how she cares about her students..she's very sporting and LOVE TO MAKE SURPRISES...
that day, we finished on our presentation task which she had given to us the previous week..the last group presented their work on the theme of family...then, they even played a video on one of the very touching commercial about how a son treated his father really touched my heart..i felt like crying BUT i didn't ok..he2...crying in front of those people??NO WAY! (even though all the desk are facing the board..hehe)...well guys, that's not what i want to stress out here...*the blurbs above is just the intro,not yet the main point...he2

after watching more videos of the same theme from the other members, we stopped... RECESS!! NO! not yet...mdm asked for any volunteer to come and do a "favor" for her...well, we could smell something fishy,, one of my classmates stood up and sat beside her...mdm took out her cellphone and she dialed his mother....SURPRISE!! she asked my friend to say "I Love You Mum" in front of the other classmates...he was kind of shy at frist but he did it..yeay!! errr,what did i cheered for??ignore it....:P

NEXT,Mdm looked around if there is anyone who want to do the same thing like my friend did before...i tried to hide but, Oh No! she got me..."adnin..would you like to come here?"...errr, i don't know if i should say yes or no...i was puzzled..but i stood up and sat beside her,facing the other members in the class..."who do you prefer? mum or dad?"she asked...i answered mum but mdm wanted to dial my father....fine then, 019xxxxxxx she got connected, the phone changed hand to me..."i want u to say 'I LOVE U DADDY' ...yeah, i did it but,,but,,, this was how it happened-----

*MALAY : "ayah..anin nie..emm,mdm suruh anin cakap anin sobss2..anin sayangg ayah..sobs2..."(no,no..! i cried suddenly...LOOK! i don't want to cry but, i ACCIDENTALLY cried okey..)---CONTINUE--- daddy : "la,awat ni? ayah taw eh anin sayang ayah...tak habaq pn ayah taw" : "em,anin sayang ayah...sobs2" i gave back the phone to mdm..she explained everything to my beloved daddy...ohh God,,trust me..i was not going to cry happened in a sudden...well, i was controlling my tears before that..since i watched the video play..yeah! i managed but,,,but,,errr, when i heard my dad's voice i can't control my tears dropped so was even embarrassing when mdm said "la,teriak! dok dekat pn teriak...alaa bucuk-bucuk" huwaaa! i felt like a baby crying for ice-cream..huhu....but it's leaves me a wonderful memory to keep in...he2......

ok, till then...i'll share some more next time,bubye! *searching for my blanket----having some sleep..night :)

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