Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Any Merlin's Fans here ?!!

Assalamualaikum.. Hello!

Lecture has started for two weeks but I'm still mad of Merlin. Emm, I mean Colin to be specific. hahaha

Any Merlin fans here??? Jump and shout YES!! hahaha.. 

Well, i am one of them. Really Really Really a big fan of Merlin. Yes. I'm admitting that I'm an 

I'm sure everyone have ever been at the same place as I am. *naahh,,just admit it =P
Feel annoyed? Well, i don't care~ =D

Here, I just found out about Merlin's filming set! It's at Warwick Castle, England (pronounced as war-rick) and Pierrefonds, France. Err, maybe others have found out earlier than me but still, I want to share it. I'm sure those who are obsessed as I am will say "Oh, I'm gonna visit this place one day!" Am I right? hehehe .. If not, just ignore it. haha. *I don't have magic to read people's mind XD

Check this out!!

Here's some info about Warwick Castle which is known as the heart of England. You can read here for better knowledge about the castle.

Guess what? I've been there before. WOW! * I myself got excited to know that cause seriously i didn't even remember that moment. No wonder cause i was 5 that time. Here, let me show you guys some pictures of myself there with the pictures of places shot in Merlin series.

 Pathway leading to the castle's entrance

St. Mary Church which is 5 minutes of walking distance from the castle. 
Look at the yellow arrow in the picture on the right. It's the church.

The Entrance. 
Look at the banner behind us. It is written there, Warwick Castle. I noticed I've visited the picture on the right when I looked at the design of the pathway in the picture on the left.
Similar eyh! =D

Actually, i didn't visit inside the castle courtyard. Only till the entrance (that's frustrating T_T) and we visited other historical places in England. 

This is how it looks in the drama.


 The Entrance

 The Castle's Courtyard. The highest tower on the left is named The Dragon Tower.

 Outside the castle.

 The Great Hall

Scenery from above the tower
and there's MERLIN!! His wax figure and the real Merlin@Colin Morgan
Merlin's wax figure done by Madame Tussauds crews.
Realistic eyh!

If you want to know more about their filming set, you may click here . There are also photos included here. (DO CLICK, YOU WILL NEVER REGRET) *i'm telling this especially to Merlin's fans, hehe.

Here are more pictures of their set in Pierrefonds in France which portrays Camelot castle. Taken by Chayiana on 17/6/2010. Credit to her.


 The Courtyard

 Merlin's crews are shooting 

 The corridor where Morgana and most of the main characters use 
during the fighting shots.

 The set of the old village where Gwen and all the people of Camelot lives. This picture was taken by the author on the day Merlin casts were filming.

The well. The stairs is the entrance to the castle. If you remember, most of the scenes that shows the king and knights depart to the woods with their horses takes place here in the courtyard in front of the stairs. 

I think most of the series and episodes especially in the final series were done here at Pierrefonds, France. I'm totally JEALOUS with the author cause he got the chance to meet almost all the main actors in Merlin! and also got pictures of Colin Morgan!! HUWAA!! Jealous much! *overacting (yet its true) =D

That's all for know. You want more?? Alright! More pictures, videos, soundtracks, and links about Merlin and behind the scene will be uploaded in the next entry. Stay tuned! *i'm talking alone XD

Thanks for spending time here. Appreciate it <3


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