Monday, April 7, 2014

I Feel Like I Want To Quit .... !

This is the 2nd week of practicum which has started on the 31st April 2014. I don't know how my friends are doing so far. Maybe good, maybe the same as I am. Just a little bit to share of my experience. 

          I'm demotivated. Feels like I wanna quit being a teacher. Is that too much?? How can I teach if every every single words needs translation?? When will I achieve my learning objectives then?? "Class, I want you to come to the front and make a big circle." Even this too simple instruction they can't understand a single word. That's too bad. I even asked personally to this one person. "Do you understand me?" (abt 3 times repeating). and no respond until I said "kamu faham tak?", then the kid shook his head. It's a Year 4 class, not Year 1. One more, i was thinking that, kids love games. Because during lecture in IPG, we were advised to create fun learning activities.

          So I create a game for each lesson regarding the topic. What happen is, they fight each other because the group/individu who got the lowest mark was not satisfied with the others who got the highest. They always look for faults when they loose. Can you imagine that?? So, if giving worksheets can't help as they told me they prefer games. Then, games also can't help because they cannot accept their loose. Then what should I do?? Give them a flying kick??! *that's impossible*. Any advice for me to teach them? Subhanallah, sabar Adnin, sabar. Yeah, maybe the blame should put on me. Maybe i'm not yet used with this situation. Maybe. or maybe because i'm impatient. or maybe the problems are really from the kids. I am trying my very best to make them interested to LEARN. but they are not showing interest in learning.

Allah, sabar Adnin. I really need my daddy now. He used to motivate me when i'm down and frustrated.

          I need motivations. I need support. I need someone to talk with. I really need.

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